Comprehensive Support for Cancer Patients

  • 25 October 2015

The UAE’s wise leadership leaves no stone unturned in providing all possible support for improving the quality of life of its citizens and residents. The objective is to maintain global health standards and maintaining highest levels of safety and prevention against diseases, especially cancer, which is considered amongst the most dangerous and most widespread diseases in the modern age. Prevention of cancer requires intensive efforts by governments and society. Estimates suggest that the average cost of treating some types of cancer for a single case reaches about one million dirhams.

The UAE has hence launched several initiatives to spread awareness regarding the seriousness of this disease and the importance of prevention. The latest effort is the establishment of Cancer Patient Care Society (Rahma or Mercy), under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, (may God protect him). Rahma was launched on September 15 to fight cancer, intensify community awareness about the disease to provide full social and psychological support for patients, and mitigating the suffering caused by the disease to them and their families.

The support the Society receives is consistent with the wise leadership’s belief that cancer patients in the UAE and around the world, need moral support besides health and social support and should be seen as humanitarian solidarity. The role of voluntary organizations is to create awareness and strengthen the country’s efforts. ‘Yas Mercy Marathon’, to be organized at Yas Marina Circuit on November 7, is the first activity of the Rahma Society. This important initiative seeks to raise awareness about cancer and opens the door for social groups to participate in the marathon to spread awareness about the importance of sports and healthy living in preventing cancer and other diseases.

The Marathon is also an opportunity for participants to express their solidarity with the ailing and give them psychological support by participating in donation campaign organized by the Society on its sidelines. This will reinforce the importance of moral support and its role in the treatment of this dangerous disease. The Society’s objective of highlighting the importance of psychological factors is evident in the creation of hotline and interactive website that allow patients to communicate with specialists and with cancer survivors. There is also the provision for collective therapy sessions so that patients can exchange experiences and provide psychological and moral support to each other.

The Yas Mercy Marathon, and other such initiatives to be organized by the Society, is consistent with the general trends in the UAE, which believes in the importance of concerted efforts by official institutions, voluntary associations and non-profit organizations to achieve the objectives of comprehensive development. This process also helps in enhancing living standards and ensuring a safe, healthy life far from diseases and epidemics.