Complete Appreciation of the People of Kuwait

  • 28 December 2014

The official and public messages of condemnation, which overwhelmed Kuwaiti government, parliament, media, NGOs around the Arab world, and from Al-Azhar in particular, after a Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group’s affiliate offended the UAE and its rich heritage, shows the true position of the UAE’s people, its leadership and government in the hearts and minds of Arabs. The Kuwaiti people and its leadership have firmly rejected any effort to offend the UAE. In fact, the position of Kuwaiti National Assembly Speaker, Marzouq Al-Ghanim, shows the strength of historic ties and the common destiny that links the Emirati and Kuwaiti people.

Al-Ghanim emphasized that His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, is “an Arab, a Kuwaiti and a Gulf symbol prior to being an Emirati symbol” and that “his brave stances cannot be denied except by the ungrateful.” He said that His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s position is engraved in the Kuwaitis’ hearts and nobody can ever shake it. Moreover, the historic relations with the UAE are so politically and socially robust that they have become a model for the whole world and a destiny as old as our co-existence as Emiratis and Kuwaitis.

These statements, and a collective Gulf and Arab outcry against Muslim Brotherhood, reveal its position as a deviant Islamist ideology, which reflects intellectual bankruptcy and shows a lack of humanity. Indeed, Muslim Brotherhood wears the cloak of Islam but in reality it is trying to divide the faith and create an environment of volatility in the region conflicts preoccupy people instead of a humanitarian approach toward prosperity. Moreover, Muslim Brotherhood is trying to keep the people of the region away from the tenets of moderation and humanity in Islam and from the scientific advancements, standards of justice, peace and mercy.

The truth was revealed to the world when they failed to run development projects in countries where they acquired power for a while. They were also found completely opposed to development projects in any Arab or Islamic country. Their aim has always been to cover up their cultural and humanitarian shortcomings, their ideological bankruptcy and their complicity in old colonial agendas. It is hence not strange for them to reveal their savagery against the UAE, which has become one of the best models of human development in the world because of its principles of moderation, justice, equality and mercy.

Indeed, such a gang of outlaws now live in their worst political era as their own people have expelled them after realizing the threat they pose through their terrorist agenda, carried out overtly and covertly, under the cloak of religion. They have now become known to the entire world as the main source behind all terrorist organizations which not only threaten our people but the entire world as well. Therefore, it serves them right to be placed on top of the list of terrorist organizations.