Compassion – A Noble Message from the Land of Humanity

  • 10 January 2015

The Tarahamo (compassion) campaign – launched by President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan (may God protect him) with the objective of providing relief assistance to one million refugees and those affected people by severe cold conditions in the Levant – reflects his genuine humanitarian approach and adds to his efforts in this domain. It also demonstrates the feeling of solidarity the UAE bears toward the world and its constant willingness to support the needy and distressed in times of crises without any consideration for religion, race, gender, or geographical location.

The UAE’s emergency assistance to refugees and victims of extreme cold conditions in the Levant is an expression of its compassion for the homeless and is aimed at wiping away the tears of children, elderly and women. It is meant to reassure them that they are not alone in this and that their brothers are by their side offering help as soon as possible. The implementation of the initiative within 12 hours of its launch by the President (may God protect him) proves the efficiency and professionalism of the UAE’s humanitarian institutions. Their prompt response helped the assistance reach the Levant before snowstorm Huda and helped the needy in difficult weather conditions. The capacity to reach the needy in record time despite obstacles has indeed been one of the most important features of the UAE’s humanitarian efforts.

The unprecedented response of citizens, residents, institutions, government and private bodies to the campaign underlines that the UAE is a symbol of benevolence and humanity across the world and that its values of giving and collaboration, laid by forefathers of this blessed land, are promoted by successive generations. The UAE has become a major player in international humanitarian efforts, which is acknowledged by international institutions. The recognition has come from the OECD whose recently released Development Assistance Committee report said that the UAE is the largest single donor of the official development assistance in the world in terms of the proportion of its GDP.

At a difficult time when millions of refugees are hit by snowstorm in the Levant region, the entire world should follow the path the UAE has taken under its humanitarian leadership in shouldering this responsibility, by offering all support possible to the host countries. This is necessary because the growing number of refugees is making the tasks of these countries more difficult and is overwhelming their capacity to deal with this situation.