Civilized View of Human Rights

  • 27 April 2010

The President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, on receiving Navi Pillay the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on Sunday, reiterated the UAE’s commitment to respond to and cooperate with the world body. He said that this keenness, which is based on the country’s respect for international laws and its belief in the principles of the Shariah and Arab traditions, encourage respect and appreciation for human equality among all the members of the society. This reflects the UAE’s vision and approach to issues related to human rights and civil society.

His Highness also said in his statement that the principles on which the UAE’s vision of human rights rest is a blend of educational, cultural, religious and social characteristics which are expressed in its values, traditions and customs. New international laws on human rights, whether they relate to women, laborers or children, complement the human right situation in the state which is opposed to social ills and harmful values. This could be an important subject of study as was referred by Pillay while paying tributes to the progress made on the legislative and labor fronts. She also hailed the decisions taken by the government to ensure basic employment and women rights in the Emirati society. His Highness touched upon another significant aspect – the value of equality, sovereignty, law and justice – wherein he said that these values are considered the main pillars in the state’s vision to promote human rights. According to him, this makes the entire society free and equal as the judiciary applies law without distinction or discrimination.

The third fundamental that the UAE’s human rights vision is based on, and is implemented in its internal policies, is the balance between promotion of human rights and the progress in the country. Ensuring human rights pushes people to accomplish targets which are reflected positively on the entire society and helps the march of progress forward.

As a result of this vision, the UAE has made great progress in ensuring human rights whether in regards to the status of women, human trafficking or employment conditions. The state now seeks to keep pace with the international developments and take advantage in order to improve the human rights conditions in the country. The UAE’s vision of human rights has come in for international appreciation because it is characterized by continuous progress and is embedded in a belief that there is always something new to add for the well-being of humankind and the protection of human dignity. The country also does not ignore its responsibility as a humanitarian player on a world stage. The UAE has participated in the different humanitarian activities with full vigor because it believes in the importance of international solidarity to help the poor and vulnerable regardless of their religion, ethnicity and sectarian identities. This has made the country an epitome of kindness and has brought laurels to its leadership and people.