Blind Terrorism in Holy Places

  • 24 December 2007

One of the most distinctive traits of terrorism is its “blindness.” Terrorism does not differentiate among its victims. For this reason, one finds it targeting marketplaces and streets. It targets children, women, the elderly and common people, and holds them equally responsible as their leaders. It carries out explosion in marketplaces, schools, universities, and cinema halls, just as it targets official establishments. The attacks that took place recently in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia reveal the “blindness” of terrorism in all its aspects. In Saudi Arabia, a plot to create chaos during the pilgrimage season through terrorist attacks was foiled. In Pakistan, a terrorist blast ripped through worshippers at a mosque, killing 56 people. The most important thing is that these terrorist forces do not even spare holy places. The holy sites in Saudi Arabia are sacred for Muslims all over the world. Still, it didn’t stop terrorists from trying to attack it. The same disrespect was manifest when a mosque was targeted in Pakistan. Terrorist forces have no respect for either religious places or religious events and ceremonies. They planned an attack on Saudi Arabia during the pilgrimage season. The explosion at the Pakistani mosque took place during Eid Al-Adha festivities, as if terrorists wanted to ruin the celebrations of the people by spilling the blood of innocent people, who were praying in the house of God. 

All this confirms an important point. Terrorism is not only “blind,” but it also has no heart or religion. It only believes in carrying out destruction and instability across the globe. It seeks to realize this aim, even if it means carrying out gruesome attacks during the pilgrimage season, or to target a mosque filled with worshippers. In addition, its slogans that some people admire are bogus and misleading. Terrorists use slogans to exploit religion and indulge in fabrications to make money.

What has happened in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia sends out an important message to all those who have reservations against joining the global war on terror. After the attacks on religious places, it is pointless to support the sloganeering of terrorists. Such actions cannot be justified or be accepted because they expose terrorism as being a menace that could targets any person or place, even religious sites. There can be no security in the world if terrorist forces gain ascendancy and continue committing crimes.