Blatant Israeli Aggression Against Palestinian People

  • 30 December 2008

It seems Israel was not content with pursuing the policy of blockades and mass starvation of a million-and-a-half Palestinians living in Gaza Strip  and has now resorted to direct aggression with its missiles and airplanes that have struck and killed hundreds of innocent civilians and worsened the tragedy of the besieged Gaza.

The more disturbing fact is that Israel has declared, through its military leaders and political officials, that its aggression on Gaza would escalate and that it would not be deterred by any international pressure to end the offensive and would not heed any condemnation of its use of excessive and disproportionate force. Therefore, the international community has to bear its political and humanitarian responsibility in the face of this Israeli intransigence by exerting real pressure on Tel Aviv that goes beyond the issuance of statements of condemnation or calls for calm and self-restraint, as all previous events show that Israel does not care for statements and calls for calm or even resolutions of the United Nations and the Security Council, and puts its own considerations above any other concern.

Undoubtedly, the justifications put forward for Israeli aggression—like the firing of a barrage of missiles from the Gaza Strip into Israel—are false, as these missiles are not militarily effective and were fired merely to mark the end of Hamas' truce a few days ago. This excuse should not hide the fact that Israeli leaders have launched this aggression on Gaza in view of the upcoming legislative elections. According to Israeli sources, Israel had been planning this aggression for a long time, and so the denizens of Gaza are victims of Israel's brutal tactics before the elections as well as the miscalculation of Hamas. In addition, the internal strife within the Palestinian camp continues, which is further exacerbated by the state of physical separation between the West Bank and Gaza.

The hundreds of fatalities in Gaza as a direct consequence of Israeli attack on the territory, should serve as a strong motivation for all Palestinian political forces, with Hamas at the forefront, to unite and forget internal differences and to build a unified and coordinated national Palestinian stance, because Israel's targeting of Gaza amounts to targeting of all Palestinian people. It is a manifestation of an Israeli policy in dealing with the Palestinian Territories, and the continuation of the internal Palestinian feud would undoubtedly encourage Israel to go ahead with its aggression and to play upon differences and contradictions among Palestinians to justify its bloody attacks to the whole world.

The innocent people in Gaza are the ones who are paying the price of political conflicts—between Fatah and Hamas, between Hamas and Israel and even between different Israeli parties—with their lives, their blood, their future and the future of their sons. For this reason, the world should act immediately and effectively in order to save innocent people and prevent the escalation of the situation throughout the Middle East, because if the conflict continues it could widen and its effects will not be limited to Gaza but would extend beyond it.