Attempts to Blow Up the Iraqi Front

  • 14 June 2009

The assassination of member of Iraqi parliament Hareth Al-Abidi—President of the Sunni Iraqi Accord Front (IAF) at the Iraqi parliament—is the latest attempt to blow up the Iraqi arena and push things to security chaos and sectarian confrontation. It all comes within an important period for Iraq that includes the beginning of the US forces’ withdrawal. Iraq is also preparing for parliamentary elections that will be held next January, which is very important in the path of political process and in deciding the future of Iraq. Al Abidi was the head of the biggest Sunnite front in the parliament, and one of the personalities on whom many observers of the Iraqi issue rely on in contributing in achieving accord between the different Iraqi political forces. Therefore, it is clear that the forces behind his assassination aim to stir up sectarian disturbance between Sunnis and Shiites when Iraq was able to overcome the painful confrontation between both sides.

Al-Abidi’s assassination came few weeks before the US forces’ withdrawal from Iraqi cities scheduled for the end of June 2009. Someone wants to stop this withdrawal and turn Iraq into an arena of confrontation at various levels.  This is done by escalating violence, assassinations and terrorist bombings in order to suggest that Iraqi security is not able to control things and preserve security. This is a great challenge for the Iraqi security system in the upcoming period in which it must prove it is able to take responsibility and confront any attempt to bring things back or attack security and political accomplishments.

It is clear that extremist forces that thrive during times of conflict and chaos have not given up on their attempt to make Sunnis and Shiites fight each other. These forces have started targeting religious sites of both communities. Now, they have resorted to assassinating important personalities in order to achieve their goals. If they do not find the desired reaction of their actions on the Iraqi arena, they increase their violence. Therefore, Iraqi awareness of the true motives of these evil forces is the basis for confronting them.

In addition to the importance of the confronting forces causing disturbance and conflict in Iraq, the country should go forward with the national reconciliation project, settle all issues between different Iraqi forces and movements, and build common national bases on strong and stable basis for the Iraqi community.