An Indivisible Component of the Gulf and Arab Security

  • 5 July 2015

During a meeting held on Thursday, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) interior ministers stressed the need for unity among member countries in the wake of recent terrorist attacks. They affirmed that regional security is indivisible and that GCC will remain steadfast against such threats. The quick response, after attacks on mosques in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, indicates that the GCC countries are aware of the seriousness of the challenges they face. They are working to foil attempts by terrorist groups to spread sectarian divide, disturb the social fabric in the region, and target the present and future generations.

The GCC interior ministers’ meeting was an immediate response to the threats to the unity of the people in the GCC and wider region. The decisions taken at this meeting, with regard to coordination and other efforts to combat terrorism, reflect the strong resolve that exists to eliminate terrorists, renegades and outlaws who are furthering their suspicious agendas. This is more so as the brotherly Arab people of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have demonstrated their solidarity, cohesion, national unity in the most civilized manner.

History has shown that coordination among governments and political leaders, and alertness of security services, are the only ways to defeat terrorists. This has been demonstrated in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia where collective efforts of the people and security services succeeded in revealing the details of the plots to target mosques, and helped arrest those involved in record time. This will send a strong message to those who have been exposed before the law, the people, and the whole world. Their efforts to instigate sectarian strife have been foiled by a united and strong people and alert security services.

Terrorism is an appalling phenomenon irrespective of its many manifestations. Terrorists have targeted unarmed civilians and destroyed places of worship in the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq, the Levant, North Africa and other places. They have committed hideous crime such as the one in Egypt recently. It is hence hoped that concerted efforts made by people, official entities, security services, and international players will succeed in eradicating terrorism, which is aimed at weakening Arab solidarity and spreading sectarian and religious divide.

The GCC interior ministers also stressed the need to redouble Arab and international efforts to counter terrorism and end its sources of funding through better communication, coordination and cooperation among member countries and their international counterparts. Religious scholars and the media also have a role to play in educating and advising people, and showing the true image of Islam, which is characterized by moderation and rejection of violence.