An Epic of Mutual Loyalty

  • 29 March 2016

At a time when the people of Yemen and their Arab brethren rejoice over a decisive victory on the horizon, the echoes of pride continue to reverberate one year after the launch of the “Decisive Storm” operation in March 2015 by the states of “Arab Coalition”, led by the “big brother” the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Through this operation, the Arab Coalition responded to the call of the Yemeni people and their legitimate leadership to liberate them from the yoke of the Houthi insurgency and the deposed president Ali Abdullah Saleh. The Decisive Storm also aimed at preventing “the enemies of legitimacy” and their foreign backers from achieving their scheme of hijacking Yemen and cutting it off from its Arab environment.

The subsequent “Restoring Hope” operation came to reaffirm and reinforce the supreme goal for which the Arab brothers were gathered together as one man. This goal is not only limited to restoring the place of Yemen, in all its territory, in the Arab house, but also to rebuild the Yemeni state and reconstruct it in a way that guarantees its citizens a dignified life.

Today, Yemeni forces of legitimacy and the Arab coalition take pride at the lofty achievements of the “Decisive Storm” that has subjected insurgents to a peaceful solution as a result of successive victories leading to the liberation of more than %85 of the total area of Yemen, with the forces of legitimacy supported by the Arab coalition reaching the outskirts of the capital Sanaa. This represents a tough lesson to the forces of terror and insurgency, not only in Yemen, but in all parts of the globe. It reflects level of Arab strength and will in addition to their unity of vision that enable them to defend their homeland and their assets against all aggressions and threats, whatever their source. It also shows that attempts at undermining the present and future of the peoples of the Arab region is a vicious illusion that is impossible to be achieved, given the Arab Coalition’s courage and material and human power. At the same time, the Arab coalition sends a message of reassurance and peace to the peoples of the region that there is an Arab safety valve completely efficient and capable of securing them and safeguarding their homelands.

The feelings of pride at the huge achievements of the forces of legitimacy and the Arab coalition are mixed with the feelings of glory in the enormous sacrifices made by the forces of legitimacy and the Arab coalition, and their heroic sacrifices for the sake of liberating Yemen and restoring its security and stability.

The United Arab Emirates, which continues to have a prominent leading role in the forces of the Arab coalition, has set the finest examples of sacrifice and dedication in order to save the Yemeni people from the yoke of the insurgents and their crimes. The valiant and brave soldiers of the UAE have written by their virtuous blood and souls an eternal and heroic epic in history.The sons of the UAE have also bravely participated in relief operations benefiting Yemenis who were trapped in various regions and defied all challenges to deliver food and medical aid, as part of a steadfast commitment – whose features were drawn by the founding fathers and which continues to be followed by His Highness President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, (may God save him)- setting the UAE on the path of defending the right and its people and supporting brothers and friends anytime everywhere.

The UAE commitment is also reflected in the considerable efforts it led in the city of Aden which has been recently decorated with the flags of the UAE along with those of the states of the Arab coalition, during a popular festival at the Al Hubaishi martyr stadium in the ancient city of Crater, marking the first anniversary of the “Decisive Storm”. The participants at the events, which was attended by local officials, waved flags and raised slogans expressing recognition to the coalition countries, notably to the United Arab Emirates, for its role in saving and liberating the city. Other slogans expressed the rejection of terrorism and insurgency and stressed attachment to legitimacy as well as recognition to the Arab coalition.