Alliance of Civilizations Forum

  • 16 January 2008

The forum for “alliance of civilizations” was launched yesterday in Spain. This forum aims to encourage dialogue between Islamic countries and the West. Representatives of countries, international bodies, civil establishments, media and charitable organizations from 80 countries are taking part in the two-day convention.

Undoubtedly, this conference is considered an important event due to a number of important reasons. First, the conference offers a good opportunity for contact between the Islamic world and the West through an intellectual exchange aimed at bridging the void between the two parties, a void which could adversely and dangerously affect relations between the two sides. Second, the convention would help in addressing the following items on its agenda, viz. greater understanding between the two civilizations, the prevention of conflicts between religions and different communities. Third, the statement by organizers of the forum for establishing an education fund seeks to support the production of films promoting understanding among cultures and putting an end to stereotypes. These issues will be deliberated upon in the conference.

Certainly, efforts made by the forum would promote dialogue between civilizations because it seeks to create an international setting based on mutual respect among different cultures and civilizations. It acknowledges the existence of differences and disagreements among civilizations and cultures, which reflects the reality of the situation and the accomplishments of every civilization.

Undoubtedly, the organizations in the dialogue between civilizations shall be of great importance because these authorities would seek to rid themselves of the negative image that promotes the myth of the other as a danger and a threat. At the same time, these organizations would seek to strengthen commonalities among different civilizations and cultures. These commonalities would be promoted, without neglecting the particularities of each civilization for establishing an international society with greater understanding. This will be the premise for efforts to be deployed in realizing this objective.

Nowadays, the world is suffering from several problems which need international efforts for facing them. From here, one can find the importance of the “Forum of civilizations alliance,” which aims to promote dialogue between Islamic countries and the West. This forum’s idea was presented in the General Assembly of the United Nations for the first time in 2004 to put an end to the misapprehensions between the West and Arab and Islamic countries. From that time, the forum has assumed great respect and importance within the international community for its work on promoting dialogue between civilizations.