Advanced Infrastructure: The Sign of Development

  • 4 November 2013

Infrastructure provides the base for development to stand. The more developed the infrastructure the more capable the Government is in undertaking substantial and more diverse economic projects. The more widely and evenly spread out the infrastructure the better it is for investors to harness investment opportunities throughout the country, and to spread their business activities to new areas. The UAE has a distinct advantage in this regard which has certainly helped it realize its development plans across the country.

Certain infrastructure projects have other extremely advantageous economic and development benefits, particularly those linked to specialized economic activities and industries. They entail huge investments but help stimulate economic growth and create new job opportunities. A nation which has a vision of development, plans for a modern, balanced, sustainable and open-door economy and which is always keen on distributing the fruits of its development to all citizens should first start by building a modern infrastructure. The UAE has spared no pains in developing its infrastructure for four decades, ever since its founding by the Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (may God bless his soul) and President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan (may God protect him).

The UAE has been among the top global investors in infrastructure projects and has maintained its premier position as the biggest spender in infrastructure projects throughout the Middle East and North Africa. In fact, these projects account for 37 percent of the total value of infrastructure projects in the Arab Gulf. The UAE’s interest in this vital sector has not been limited to making large investments, but it has ensured that infrastructure is built in accordance with the highest international standards in terms of design, efficiency and use of advanced technology. It has also been keen on spreading infrastructure facilities, both in terms of their geographical spread and their need sector-wise across the national economy. These efforts by the UAE have been met with sweeping success, and the UAE now boasts the best infrastructure in the Middle East and North Africa and one of the best world-wide. The UAE’s infrastructure has now become the symbol of the country’s economic and cultural development. The UAE stood first regionally and 11th globally in the Quality of Infrastructure index of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in its International Report on Trade Empowerment for 2012.