Active UAE Foreign Policy

  • 25 May 2009

On Sunday, Swiss President Hans Rudolf Mertz arrived in the UAE. On Monday, French President Nicolas Sarkozy began an important visit to the UAE heading a high-level political, economic, cultural and parliamentary delegation. These events come at a time when Foreign Minister His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan has given fresh impetus to international diplomatic activity, covering a host of countries in Europe, Africa and Asia in the recent past. These efforts have borne positive outcomes that have reinforced UAE’s foreign relations with these countries at both the political and economic levels. It has also galvanized the UAE’s diplomacy and its ability to be more influential at the regional and international arenas. In addition, the UAE has been welcomed by the world and enjoys a positive image. These visits follow the recent announcement by US President Barack Obama of his support for a “peaceful nuclear agreement” between the US and UAE, which was signed in January 2009. He has also assured that it is a not a threat on the common security and defense, thus strongly endorsing the peaceful nature of the UAE’s nuclear program and its developmental goals.

In a statement related to his visit to the country, French President observed that the UAE has become an axis of balance and stability in the region. His diplomatic advisor Jean, David Levitte, said that the UAE leaders have a long-term view over the development of the country in all fields and has an unprecedented rate of development. He added that the UAE is a model of amalgamation between tradition and modernity. This points to the fact that the world sees the UAE as a model, not only of development but also with respect to its foreign affairs. This view of the UAE in the world, whether in developed or developing countries, clearly reflects the great honor and respect that Emirati officials receive during their foreign visits, which are highly successful. The interest of the world’s leaders is evident from their frequent visits to the UAE and their discussions on important issues taking place in the international agenda. In addition, various countries seek to strengthen relations with the UAE in the political, economic and educational sphere, and consider it a model of development that could be benefited from and from the lessons it gives.

The respect for UAE in the international arena is a result of the wise and responsible policy being implemented since its establishment in 1971. It opens the path for the UAE diplomacy to achieve higher national goals and serve the country’s interests at all levels.