Active International Role of the UAE

  • 11 August 2010

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s recent announcement naming the UAE on a new global sustainability panel reiterates the country’s active role at international forums that are working to tackle the crucial challenges facing the world. It also proves beyond doubt the country’s awareness of its international responsibilities and the global recognition of this role being played by the country. This mission of the committee also makes its UAE’s membership significant. Its tasks include increasing the capacity to adapt to the impacts of climate change and facing the challenges related to poverty, hunger, water, energy security and ensuring economic development across the world. These are the central issues on the international agenda at this time and tackling them will have a major positive impact on the world’s present and the future of life on the planet.

The UAE’s presence on the new global sustainability panel has not come from nowhere and is a result of several factors that justify and strongly call for such a decision. The first factor is that, since the establishment of the federation, our leadership has believed in fulfilling international responsibility towards the world’s issues, problems and challenges. This has been evident in the human dimension of its foreign policy and its active involvement in regional and international initiatives aimed at alleviating the suffering of human beings or supporting development issues all over the world. The country also supports peace, actively contributes to peacekeeping operations in conflict zones and continuously extends humanitarian support to areas hit by calamities and disasters. Various other factors also indicate the UAE’s firm faith in the unity of human destiny and the belief that humanitarian challenges can only be tackled through cooperation, unity and devotion to values of international responsibility.

Moreover, the UAE is a regional and global leader in the field of sustainable development and its interest in clean and renewable energy is an important indicator. The country not only takes the lead in putting in place ambitious programs to produce this kind of energy it has also taken the lead in working for the energy of the future by hosting the headquarters of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in Abu Dhabi. This highlights the international recognition of the country’s capacity to take steps in this direction. Another consideration is that through its policies and dealing with problems and crises, the UAE has always presented itself as a responsible country. This is reflected in its wisdom, its calls for dialogue and peaceful understanding and its refusal to engage in military conflicts because, it truly believes, they destroy development opportunities and does not solve any problem.