Actions Needed to Avert a Human Catastrophe in Gaza

  • 25 June 2007

The United Arab Emirates has stressed the necessity of delivering  the humanitarian aid presented to the Palestinian people to its rightful recipients, or else it will be lost within the internal strife between the Palestinian factions. The delegation of the Federal National Council confirmed during its speech at the end of the exceptional session of the transitional Arab parliament in Cairo the necessity of utilizing the international law and its articles related to human rights in order to force the Israeli side to deliver the aids to its people without obstruction.

No doubt that this confirmation reflects the Emirates’ fears of the possibility of a human catastrophe in the Gaza strip,  currently under siege, after the recent developments witnessed by the Palestinian territories.  These are justifiable and real fears that must be properly addressed in light of what is happening on the ground, and in light of the repeated warnings voiced by certain parties during the previous days. In this context, the “International Food Program” of the United Nations warned in a press conference convened last Wednesday that the supply of food and merchandise in the Gaza strip could be depleted within two to four weeks, if Israel did not open the border passes.

Such a dangerous situation requires from everybody to take urgent actions to prevent the catastrophe from happening.  Certainly,  the biggest responsibility would fall on the Arab countries which must, individually and through the Arab League, move urgently in two directions: first to supply what is needed from Financial and material aids to the population of Gaza, and second to pressure Israel  to open the needed passageways and channels to deliver these aids. No doubt that the international community and its working organizations in the humanitarian and salvation fields are called upon also to do what is required from them to confront such a catastrophe from possibly happening.

The consequences of the political conflicts that happened in the Palestinian territories should not be carried by the Palestinian people in Gaza, and it will be wrong to punish the citizens of Gaza in order to lay a siege on Hamas. In all cases, the signs of an impending human catastrophe in Gaza, despite its destructive and vicious consequences,  must not distract from the essence of the Palestinian problem represented by the necessity to stop this strife between Hamas and Fateh movements and give top priority to a national reconciliation between all the Palestinian factions so that the Palestinian cause does not go downhill,  with indescribable  consequences.