Abominable Barbarism

  • 5 February 2015

As if the barbarism associated with ISIS (Da’esh) since it made an ominous appearance on Iraq and Syria was not enough they have committed another gruesome act, which only belongs to the dark ages. This gruesome atrocity only shows an ugly desire to kill and mutilate without an iota of conscience or mercy. They burnt to death the young Jordanian pilot, Moaz Al-Kasasbeh, who was their hostage. Moreover, they video-recorded this despicable act and spread it on the internet. The whole world is in a state of shock and is condemning these thugs who have trampled humanity, civilization and human nature by committing this crime.

Had Da’esh known the true meaning of religion or ethics, it would have never committed such an act in the name of Islam, which it falsely claims it works for. Islam calls for justice and humanity and safeguards people’s rights, dignity and humanity during times of war and peace. It calls for mercy even while slaughtering animals. The cowardly by Da’esh makes one wonder which ideology these groups belong to and what deviant views push them to commit acts of this kind and video-record them so that people watch them through modern communication devices. They slaughter people, burn them, kidnap and enslave women and barter them in slave markets. It also makes us wonder who has appointed them judges to condemn people.

Da’esh knows no other way but to kill, destroy, and commit acts of barbarism. The whole world has watched their various despicable acts of slaughtering hostages. Yet, what Da’esh did to Al-Kasasbeh crossed the limits of barbarism. The horrible image of burning a human being to death in this inhuman manner will haunt the world for a long time. Such an act also justifies the war against terrorism and the need for it to continue as this is the only way to save the civilization from this modern scourge of violence. The whole world should unite to combat it.

UAE Foreign Minister His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan emphasized that the burning of Al-Kasasbeh is a horrible crime and a barbaric act committed by a terrorist group whose wicked ways have once again been exposed. He reiterated the UAE and the international coalition’s clear and firm position in combating extremism and terrorism forcefully and steadily. The world’s shock at the burning of the Jordanian pilot must lead to greater cooperation and unity while addressing this threat, which targets every one and all and doesn’t refrain from resorting to any means to pursue its evil goals.