A Vision for the Future of Education

  • 6 October 2010

In light of the rapid changes taking place in all spheres of life there is a need to keep abreast of these changes, show a readiness to face challenges that come along and make use of opportunities they offer. Education is undoubtedly one of the important pillars of active strategies that deals with challenges and create opportunities. It is hence necessary to continuously work towards the development, modernization and building up of a vision that makes its distinguished presence on regional and international arenas. There is no doubt that the world is today living in the era of science which is behind the immense leap witnessed in recent decades. Technological progress has changed life on earth and scientific advancement has become the main source of competition between different nations and their people. Without science, no nation can cope up with the challenges in economic, social, environmental and other spheres of life.

Countries that look into the future with awareness and creative thinking make science their main tool to tackle the challenges on all levels. They work continuously to develop and adapt modern technologies in an environment of risk which has significantly increased in recent years as its negative impacts have escalated. It is expected that this situation will continue in years to come and the risks cannot be seriously challenged unless through science and knowledge. The First Annual Conference on Education entitled Reality of Education and Future Prospects for Development in the UAE – which began at the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR) yesterday – is relevant in this context.

One of its main talking points is a “vision for the future of education in the UAE,” a subject disccused by specialists and experts in the field of education in the country. They combined practical experience as well as academic specialization in a manner that enhanced the effectiveness of the debate, gave the opportunity of interaction at both scientific and professional levels and helped formulate a profound and comprehensive vision of the future of education in the country.

The interest shown by ECSSR in organizing a conference on education with outlook on future issues can be seen in light of the profound development directive adopted by the wise leadership of the UAE. Such events give an insight into the readiness of the country to deal with the needs of this most vital sector. Our wise leadership believes that planning of development should not stop at the present and should extend beyond the immediate future. Countries with awareness are those that make the present a window to the future and a starting point to deal with challenges. They always take the initiative and do not wait for things to happen and react later. Charting the future is an important element in the vision of different UAE institutions because a country whose ambitions know no boundaries help remain focussed on the future and prepare for it.