A Strategy to Empower the Media

  • 18 May 2013

The strategy of media empowerment in the UAE is based on employing UAE nationals, particularly the youth, by allowing them to get qualified and engaged in new forms of the media. Culture, technology, and education plays an important role in enhancing their professional and practical abilities in order to make them effective leaders in media production, policy making and strategic planning.

Building a coherent society, which is capable of competition and development, is among the top priorities of the ‘UAE Vision 2021.’ Media plays a big role in enlightening public opinion and in social correction. Thus, the informed citizen is more capable of addressing national issues.

Media empowerment reflects the wisdom of the UAE leadership, as expressed by His Highness General Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, which wants various forms of the mass media to “adopt constructive criticism and act responsibly in the face of the challenges facing the Arab region at all levels.” It calls for rationality, objectivity and neutrality in its work, as well as to expose inaccurate information, detect shortcomings, find solutions and overcome failures. The media should inform the people of the county’s policies, development, security and stability goals, which allow them to lead a comfortable life.

In connection with the abovementioned, media should uphold the principals and vital constituents of national identity, cultural inheritance, and the genuine Islamic and Arab values of tolerance. It should use the benefit of a free and open media to expand the cause of empowerment by drawing policies and strategies on the one hand and by being aware of its responsibilities on the other.

In order to adopt a developed social and cultural media, besides the openness at a broad human thought, we should initiate dialog with others and accept them, reject radical opinion and fundamentalist behavior, asperthe principles of our Arab and national culture. This will helps us compete at the international level.

The empowerment of the media requires high quality education system, followed by practical training and establishment of media institutions that cover all forms of mass media and teach the ethical dimension of its mission in order to enhance the practical skills of trainees and their abilities as part of the comprehensive development plan of the UAE.

Strengthening positive behavior, spirit of leadership, techniques of communication, love for excellence, respect for team work, and reinforcing competitiveness of young people to support the course of sustainable development in the interest of mankind are the goals and strategies for strengthening media empowerment.