A Sincere Call by the UAE

  • 19 June 2013

The fourth session of the Arab Human Rights (Charter Committee) meeting – which was held at the Arab League headquarters on Monday under the chairmanship of Dr. Abdul Rahim Youssef Al Awadi, Assistant Foreign Minister for Legal Affairs – is extremely significant because it relates to the rights of Arab individuals within the framework of the Arab Charter on Human Rights.

Dr. Awadi’s statement on the UAE’s approach vis-à-vis human rights in the Arab world was well argued. He reiterated the country’s record of respect for not only basic human rights such as freedom of expression, equality and non-discrimination but also other rights such as the right to develop and live in a healthy environment besides other civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights.

The fourth session of the Arab Human Rights (Charter Committee) was also important because it took place at a crucial time for the Arab world. The present situation demands an Arab mechanism to enforce the principles of the Arab Charter on Human Rights, which go hand in hand with regional and international doctrines such as those of the United Nations, and are meant to guarantee human rights and boost freedom in the Arab world.

That is the reason why Dr. Awadi’s call to endorse the Arab Charter is extremely important for efforts to boost human rights and basic freedom. It is also critical for the introduction of appropriate organizations that can implement the Charter as a cultural model and the only way forward for building coherent communities in the future.

The UAE has been calling for the protection of human rights in the Arab world and has been motivated by the fact that real development, political stability and building a successful investment climate depend on securing rights and basic human freedom irrespective of faith, race, color or ethnicity. This has been the UAE’s consistent policy since its establishment and the country will continue to follow it under its wise leadership.

Among the rights guaranteed for the people are the right to free and compulsory primary education, the right to a decent living (including nutrition, medical care, housing, social services in case of unemployment, disability, death of spouse and old age) and the right to maternity and childhood.