A New Era in Emirati-Saudi Relations

  • 18 May 2016

The signing of an agreement to establish the Emirati-Saudi cooperation body adds momentum to the excellent ties between the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The agreement, signed yesterday, is yet another proof that ties between the two countries have become a model of what bilateral relations should be like between Arab states, especially at a context marked by rapid developments at the regional and international scenes and increasing challenges that require coordination and cooperation as well as the adoption of common positions regarding issues of common concern with a view to safeguarding peace and stability. Coordination and cooperation are also the means to protect achievements and meet development ambitions.

The creation of this bilateral coordination body is a qualitative step that ushers a new era in relations between the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The new body will add an institutional character to ties between the two countries in order to facilitate the coordination of stands. It also represents a bridge that will help both countries to communicate concerning the adoption of decisive and urgent decisions. In this regard, the coordination body is a milestone that will help in taking informed decisions conducive to the achievement of common goals in addition to meeting the aspirations of the leadership and the people of the two countries.

The creation of the body is reflective of the interest of the two countries in further promoting bilateral ties in the political, economic, trade and social arenas. It also represents a shield protecting the achievements of the two countries against all odds including foreign intervention, terrorism, extremism and the surge of armed groups that are controlling large swathes of the territories of some countries in the region. This situation stresses the need for the region’s governments and peoples to unite and cooperate to overcome current challenges.

The belonging of the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabic to the GCC adds impetus to the creation of the coordination body. This new Emirati-Saudi landmark cooperation step is in line with the fruitful results yielded by the GCC from its creations until becoming one of the most successful regional grouping. The new coordination body is conducive to supporting the GCC towards achieving more progress and prosperity. The two countries are also acting as a protector of the assets of the region and its people and vanguard of its stability and peace against all attempts at foreign interferences.

The creation of the new body is reflective of the farsightedness of the UAE under the leadership of His Highness President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan- may God protect him, and Saudi Arabia under the leadership of His Majesty King Salman bin Abdulaziz. This new step also confirms that the two countries share the same views concerning a range of issues of common concern in the Gulf, the Arab region and the world.