A Firm Step to Uproot Terrorism

  • 17 November 2014

The UAE cabinet decision, releasing the list of 85 terrorist organizations around the world, in a transparent and objective manner, marks the implementation of Federal Law No. 7 of 2014, issued by the President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan (may God protect him) in August, on combating terrorism. This is also consistent with the Cabinet resolution on the designation of terrorist organizations that necessitated the list’s release to the media for the purpose of transparency and raising awareness in the Arab region and around the world. The announcement gives us a sense of the magnitude of this threat and the devastation that these organizations have caused through their operations targeting even children, women and the elderly.

While the UAE has chosen to announce the names of these organizations, for the first time, it is hoped that governments in the region and around the world and civil society organizations would fulfill their duties, combine their resources and close their ranks to fight the menace of terrorism. This has become necessary as home-grown and transnational terrorists are getting access to funds to commit crimes against humanity. It is unfortunate that all 85 terror organizations, identified by the Cabinet, hide behind religion and politicize it to further their own and agendas and vested interests. This is leading to the loss of hundreds and thousands of innocent lives.

The true spirit of Islam is based on the noble values and principles of tolerance toward human being, regardless of the differences of faith, gender, and language. This is in complete contrast to the lies, falsehood and deception used by terrorists. Since the start of their activities across Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia, it has become clear that their despicable motive is to divide the society and the nation, slaughter children and destabilize these countries. They commit atrocities and brutal crimes that are against basic human values and hinder the prospects of development, stability and prosperity.

Men of wisdom, authorities and human rights organizations are urged today more than ever to take firm action against the groups named is this list, whether they are religious or sectarian. They should also review the education systems and rid them of teachings that run counter to the principles of true Islamic faith. They should remove misconceptions to save children from the scourge of extremist ideologies and protect them from getting involved with these rogue groups that violate laws, customs and human values. We look at those in charge of print media, broadcast, television and social media to create awareness and expose the lies spread by these terrorists who indulge in violence against their own communities and humanity as a whole.