A Critical Test for International System

  • 7 January 2009

Undoubtedly the outrageous Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, that has caused a dangerous humanitarian situation, about which various international organizations have been warning against, presents a crucial if not a decisive test for the whole international system in the context of international legitimacy, the credibility of the United Nations, the ability to preserve world peace and security, an acceptable, effective and credible framework for securing legitimate rights, and as an institution for opposing aggression, protection of the weak to spread calm in their hearts.

Every time the United Nations falters in exerting real pressure on Israel to stop its aggression, or to acknowledge legitimate Arab and Palestinian rights, or the international community fails in taking a decisive position on the many crises of the Middle East, the position of the moderate and peace loving forces in the region becomes weak, while radical forces gain new supporters because it becomes capable of defending its concepts and promoting its ideas. This is why early international action to stop the massacres committed by Israel in Gaza without any moral compunctions, will not only save innocent Palestinian lives and property, but will also safeguard the stability of this important region of the world, because it will retain the confidence of its people, and would bolster movements of moderation, coexistence and dialogue.

The way the international community deals with the Israeli aggression on Gaza is one aspect of how it is dealing with the crisis and issues in the international arena, as despite the fact that the world has come to suffer from many challenges on the political, economic, security levels that could threaten human existence itself, the way the international community is dealing with these challenges still lacks seriousness and effectiveness and a paucity of cooperation and coordination on the other. At a time when different indicators confirm the reasons behind the turmoil and the escalating instability and the conflict on the international  arena, its negative effects are impacting on all countries of the world, the large and the small, and no single country is immune from these challenges, or can confront them by itself, regardless of its might and potential. Moreover, as terrorism, global warming, nuclear proliferation, and the financial and economic crises impose crises of a global nature it cannot be treated as a group effort. There is a need for a new push towards collective international action especially as the world has turned into a global village in the wake of the communications revolution. There is also a need to restore the credibility of the United Nations, the mother of all international organizations, which was established to maintain security, and promote development throughout the world as well as to prevent the world from sliding into wars and conflicts after the World War II, as this is the only way through which humanity could settle its problems and confront dangerous and universal challenges.