Registration Opens for World's First Poets of Peace Award

  • 3 November 2014

Registration for nominations for the UAE's International Award for Poets of Peace, the first-of-its-kind award in the world, is now open. Poets locally, regionally and internationally have been urged to register submissions before December 15, by logging on to the official website.

The General Secretariat of the award has said that it encourages poets to spread a message of peace around the world, and create awareness about the importance of peace and consciousness for humanity through the three award categories: ‘Culture of Peace’, ‘Religious Tolerance’ and ‘Humanitarian Values’.

The award, launched earlier in May this year at the International Humanitarian City, was created to contribute to the World Food Programme United Nations in the UAE, a reflection of the UAE’s ideals in promoting humanity and the values of tolerance of religions.

Dr. Jamal Sanad Al-Suwaidi, Director-General of the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR), the main supporter of the award, said: “The contribution of the UAE in the functions of global peacekeeping, humanitarian relief and providing assistance to areas affected by disasters and wars is an initial commitment to a strategic constant.'

He lauded the wise leadership of the state in establishing humanitarian ties based on tolerance, cooperation, peace and international values.

He added: “The launch of the UAE’s International Award for Poets of Peace Award comes in line with the pursuit of the UAE and its leadership to honour global excellence in the call for peace and tolerance away from extremism and terrorism. It established the award platform to honour poets who contribute towards promoting the call for peace and love between people.”

Sultan Al Jasmi, the award’s Secretary-General, said: “We are proud to be part of this initiative and carry the message of peace, fighting hunger, intolerance of racism, and promoting security and stability globally, mankind’s most urgent need today.”

He added: “The main objective of the General Secretariat of the award is supervising and selecting the poets of peace around the world. Nominations will be received from organisations and individuals to be checked by the award’s advisory board.

“We invite poets and residents to contribute to this cause by joining us in promoting and spreading the message of voluntary and humanitarian efforts related to achieving global peace,” he added.

The award has launched with the social media hashtag #PoetsOfPeace to raise awareness of the award and encourage public involvement.