Rahma launches cancer awareness campaign

  • 13 January 2016

With the number of cancer patients rising in the UAE, a major awareness campaign was launched on Wednesday aimed at educating the public about the disease and the best ways to prevent it.

The organisations behind the project, Rahma (Cancer Patient Care Society) and Al Tawasol International Tent, announced the campaign at the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research, outlining their long-term plans for the initiative.

“Rahma was born out of the realisation that in the UAE, there is a lack of awareness and education regarding cancer diagnosis. Moreover there are also limited options for treatment, and in some cases no option whatsoever,” Noora Al Suwaidi, Rahma’s secretary-general, said.

Al Suwaidi emphasised the importance of raising hope for patients who have been diagnosed with cancer. “Many patients equate the moment when they are diagnosed with cancer as the last chapters of their lives,” she said.

“Our goal is to dispel this notion. We want to show that there is hope and that there is medical research [to help cure them], and that there is a way forward,” she added.

The campaign plans on using several platforms in spreading its message, according to Al Suwaidi.

“We will contribute to educating the community about the dangers of cancer and its causes through brochures, periodical bulletins, documentaries and websites,” she explained.

The campaign’s activities will not be limited to raising awareness only, but will also involve several other programmes.

“Rahma will assist with early cancer diagnosis which is crucial for rates of survival,” Al Suwaidi said.

“Our plan is to also cooperate with charitable groups, clubs, and medical societies,” she added.

All of the groups activities will also be compiled and documented, and then shared with other GCC states and countries from around the world.

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