Rahma Holds an Extraordinary Meeting of Its General Assembly and a Meeting of Its Board of Directors

The Cancer Patient Care Society – Rahma held an extraordinary meeting of its General Assembly, and the thirteenth meeting of its Board of Directors, on Monday, July 8, 2019. The meetings were chaired by His Excellency Prof. Jamal Sanad Al-Suwaidi, Director General of the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR), and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rahma.

Held at the ECSSR complex in Abu Dhabi, the meetings followed up on the activities of Cancer Patient Care Society – Rahma, to ensure it has the support needed to help cancer patients financially and emotionally, as they receive treatment for the disease.

Proposed amendments to the Society’s statutes were approved during the extraordinary meeting of the General Assembly of the Cancer Patient Care Society – Rahma. While the Board of Directors of the Society discussed the financial assistance it has given toward treatment for cancer patients, which has reached AED4,310,478.62, and has been offered to 151 patients since Rahma was established. The Board of Directors expressed their appreciation for the Society’s efforts in this regard.

In order to increase the financial assistance provided to patients, the Board stressed the need to intensify awareness efforts to motivate the community to donate to the Society, which in turn helps it provide financial assistance to a greater number of patients.

The meeting also discussed agreements made by the Society with some hospitals, pharmacies and banks in the UAE, which saw the Society secure discounts on the price of treatment, medicines and additional services. The total provided by the Society under these agreements amounts to AED222,000.

In addition, the meeting reviewed the Society’s improved donation mechanisms, following the launch of its new website www.rahma.org.ae, which allows donations by credit card, in addition to the SMS donation system for Etisalat users, which saves time and effort. Rahma also opened two ADIB bank accounts, one for donations and the other for Zakat funds to be offered to Rahma.

Among other important topics discussed were meetings of the Society's specialized medical committee, which examined patients and provided medical opinion during eleven meetings. Also reviewed were seven emotional and psychological patient support sessions, organized by the society.

Finally, the Board of Directors of Rahma reviewed their work plan, activities and upcoming events.