Unconventional Fossil Fuels: The Next Hydrocarbon Revolution?

Author/s: several co-authors
1st Edition Year: 2014
Edition: First edition
Language: English
Available Languages: العربية


With the exploitation of unconventional fossil fuels such as shale oil and gas becoming both economically and technically more feasible, and developments of great importance occurring in the pursuit of other unconventional resources, we are today witnessing what some have termed a “revolution” in the means of hydrocarbon extraction. Such developments will undoubtedly have major impacts on the dynamics of global energy supply and demand, energy markets and prices, and on the relative status of traditional producers and consumers.

The promise of a greater abundance of unconventional hydrocarbon resources has also raised a number of pressing questions and issues relating to the environmental effects of the continued exploitation of fossil fuels. These include the potential for – and consequences of – further legislation to lower carbon emissions implemented by concerned nations around the world, as well as the fate of related legislative and economic incentives for the development of renewable energy technologies.

Based on the proceedings of the ECSSR 19thAnnual Energy Conference, Unconventional Fossil Fuels: The Next Hydrocarbon Revolution? brings together a group of distinguished experts drawn from industry and academia to provide a strategic outlook for forthcoming developments in the field of unconventional hydrocarbon energy sources.

The resultant papers compiled in this volume provide both professional and academic perspectives on these highly significant developments in the exploitation of unconventional fossil fuel resources, as well as their potential consequences for both producers and consumers.



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