The Three Occupied UAE Islands: The Tunbs and Abu Musa

Author/s: Thomas R. Mattair
1st Edition Year: 2005
Edition: Second impression
Current Edition Year: 2014
Language: English
Available Languages: العربية


Unresolved territorial disputes have historically raised tensions between nations, often leading to regional destabilization and international repercussions. The issue of the three occupied UAE islands – the Greater and Lesser Tunbs and Abu Musa – deserves particular attention because it threatens to undermine regional security and has potential global implications. Given the commanding position of the islands over the major shipping lanes of the Arabian Gulf and their strategic location in the vicinity of important offshore oilfields, the continuing Iranian occupation of these key islands is undoubtedly a matter of international concern.

By documenting the historical record and examining the relevant international precedents, this comprehensive study highlights and reinforces the legal and sovereign rights of the United Arab Emirates over the three islands. The study is supported by extensive and meticulous research based on both primary and secondary sources: declassified British and US archival records and original historical documents, relevant legal studies, memoirs of important personalities, interviews with key players and analyses by political commentators.

In keeping with the UAE’s policy of seeking a just and peaceful resolution to this dispute, this book aims to promote a better understanding of its complexities by offering fresh insight on the historical, political, legal, regional and international dimensions of the islands issue for the benefit of policy makers, academics, researchers and decision makers concerned with the future security and stability of the Gulf region.



Hard Cover
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