The Role of Research Centers in Supporting Public Policy

Author/s: The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research
1st Edition Year: 2017
Edition: First edition
Language: English
Available Languages: العربية


With the myriad of challenges facing the modern world and the responsibility to urgently address these issues, research centers have an increasingly important role to play. In general, research centers are specialized institutions that rely on the professional and intellectual expertise of academics in the proposal and setting of policies. Hence, these institutions are the driving forces that reap such expertise for decision makers in the name of public service. As highlighted in this volume, modern governments must therefore seek to recruit the top specialists in order to proficiently and accurately assess the options and situations at hand and to formulate policies accordingly.

This collection of scholarly papers provides a comprehensive overview of some of the issues surrounding the functions of research centers in the current world. One of these is how research centers can assist Gulf countries in promoting security in the region. With the continued threats of terrorism, sectarianism and counterinsurgency, the book suggests how these issues can be analyzed, in order to better understand their intricate nature, and then be countered through balanced efforts that ensure that these endeavors do not aggravate the problems.

The book also examines the work of research centers in various countries and their invaluable efforts to inform decision makers and grasp the agendas, challenges and fundamental aspects of an issue at hand, while addressing geopolitical issues and uncovering the most pertinent data amidst an influx of information. Finally, the book looks at the present and future of research centers in Arab countries, and suggests methods of work to rid the negative image of the future in the Arab mind, while helping reform the education, scientific research and the academic systems.



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