The Role of Industrial and Development Finance Institutions in the GCC States: Dimensions and Policies

Author/s: Ali Abdel Razzaq, Kamal Naser, Peter Sadler
1st Edition Year: 2002
Edition: First edition
Language: English


The study discusses the industrial sector in the GCC sector and identifies the challenges facing diversification strategies in the GCC economies. The financial sector is undergoing extensive restructuring and reform worldwide, which is reflected in the GCC financial sector too. Many countries have established industrial and development finance institutions (IDFIs), which provide credit and financial support to the industrial sector. Project and capital financing is the major activity of all IDFIs in the region, for the primary purpose of achieving a number of developmental objectives. Lending is the most important source of financing, with restrictive conditions attached to the use of local production factors.

The future roles of IDFIs will be affected by macroeconomic changes in the GCC region, especially the anticipated decline in public sector resources, changes in the financial sector and the industrial development strategies of countries. The IDFIs will not only be faced with threats to privatization and more difficult access to subsidized public funds, but they may also experience greater competition in their markets from a number of sources. The IDFIs will have to adapt to new realities and identify their markets, services, customers and appropriate lending policies.



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