The Long Road From Taif to Jeddah: Resolution of a Saudi-Yemeni Boundary Dispute

Author/s: Askar H. Al-Enazy
1st Edition Year: 2005
Edition: Second impression
Current Edition Year: 2017
Language: English


This book is an analysis of the boundary treaties between Saudi Arabia and Yemen, starting with the Treaty of Taif in 1934 and concluding with the Treaty of Jeddah in 2000. It discusses the legal arguments of both sides in this long-running boundary dispute, and contains the translated texts of the treaties concerned.

Territorial control and cession of territory; occupations, crises; contestation of sovereignty and wars; cross-border movement for pasturage and tribal opposition; unilateral termination of treaties and revocation of privileges of Yemeni nationals in Saudi Arabia, negotiations and breakthroughs; violations of the treaties and acquiescence; arguments about the position of boundary markers and the status of treaties: all these dimensions are discussed in this study.



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