The Date Palm: From Traditional Resource to Green Wealth

Author/s: several co-authors
1st Edition Year: 2003
Edition: First edition
Language: English
Available Languages: العربية


The date palm has come of age. Cultivated for millennia in the arid regions of the world, from the Atlantic Ocean across North Africa, through the deserts of Arabia and into the Indus Valley, the importance of the date palm is being rediscovered. Its value as the sustaining pillar of market gardens in marginal agricultural communities cannot be overemphasized. Modern science and technology is also investigating the undisputed usefulness of the date palm in changing arid microclimates, increasing the potential for crop diversity and arresting desertification. Research is additionally directed at countering threats to the date palm emanating from disease and uninformed agricultural practices.

As a tree that has emerged from ancient history into the modern world, the date palm is eliciting a great deal of interest in fields as diverse as biotechnology and international marketing. New markets for the date fruit are encouraging production, with the concomitant increase in technological innovation and economic investment. To explore the potential of the date palm and all aspects of its industry, The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research hosted the International Date Palm Forum in Abu Dhabi, on September 15–17, 2002. This book represents a collection of expert papers on the full range of topics pertaining to the date palm, from its archaeology, cultivation and traditional uses, to international marketing and biotech applications in modern propagation methods and disease control. It provides a thorough overview for any reader wanting to gain insight into this industry, from its ancient roots to its modern day practices.



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