Technology: Impacts, Challenges and the Future

Author/s: several co-authors
1st Edition Year: 2015
Edition: First edition
Language: English
Available Languages: العربية


Technological progress is at the heart of development and the spread of globalization, which has influenced the daily lives of people across the world both materially and psychologically through increasing interdependence, integration and cooperation. However, technology alone, while important, does not offer solutions to the problems facing all communities, with their diverse objectives and conditions. The ECSSR 19th Annual Conference, “Technology: Impacts, Challenges and the Future,” held at the ECSSR on March 18–19, 2014, and the resultant papers contained in this volume, explore the possible impacts of future technological developments in various fields, and the challenges facing their implementation, with a focus on the potential benefits and risks they may bring in a globalized world. Among the topics the authors discuss are: cryptocurrencies; robotics and artificial intelligence; the impacts of technological advances on education; and cyber security and international law. Ultimately, the roles and applications of technologies affect all areas of life, including the economy, society and the environment, which in turn have a wider impact on the future of the world as we know it.



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