Risk and Uncertainty in the Changing Global Energy Market: Implications for the Gulf

Author/s: several co-authors
1st Edition Year: 2004
Edition: Second impression
Current Edition Year: 2017
Language: English
Available Languages: العربية


The complex dynamics of the world energy market make it virtually impossible to map clearly the contours of the emerging global scenario. However, realistic trend evaluation, risk assessment, change management strategies and provision for eventualities are imperatives for nations, organizations and companies that have a major stake in the energy industry. Uncertainties may originate from many quarters-geopolitical factors, market forces, energy security issues, environmental and safety concerns. These risk factors call for careful analysis and effective solutions.

ECSSR's Eighth Annual Energy Conference, held in Abu Dhabi from October 19-20, 2002 assembled a panel of energy experts to identify and assess the major risks and uncertainties affecting the global energy market. The conference presentations contained in this book shed light on issues such as geopolitical and military risks, supply disruptions, accidents and contingencies, infrastructure constraints, price fluctuations, market uncertainties and technical challenges. For both energy producers and consumers there are valuable guidelines on minimizing foreseeable risks through techniques such as energy supply diversification, import reduction moves, developing alternative energy sources, building strategic links with suppliers, signing regional cooperation agreements, maintaining oil stockpiling, implementing pricing strategies, enhancing energy conservation, increasing energy efficiency and countering speculative trading.



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