Regime Change in Iraq, Libya and Syria: Implications for International Law and Security

Author/s: Mudhafar Al-Jbori
1st Edition Year: 2022
Edition: 2022
Language: English


The US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, the NATO-led intervention in Libya in 2011 and the ongoing proxy civil war in Syria, are all marked by what Dr. Mudhafar Al-Jbori, the Iraqi Ambassador to the UAE, calls a legitimacy crisis. He examines the international legal implications of all three interventions, outlining the extent to which foreign forces manipulated or violated existing international law in pursuit of national interests. Al-Jbori relies on United Nations resolutions, conventions and meeting records, official government documents, and a variety of legal texts and opinions from the International Court of Justice and various UN-backed tribunals to reveal the limits of the jurisdiction of international humanitarian law, and the loopholes that were exploited to justify intervening in Iraq, Libya and Syria.

The interventions were justified on the basis of protecting civilians and their fundamental human rights, and yet all three countries have become synonymous with humanitarian crises, governmental chaos, and regional violence and instability. Al-Jbori argues that to fully contextualize the implications of these interventions, two key questions must be addressed: First, is regime change ever permissible under international law and the Charter of the United Nations; and Second, what lessons can we learn regarding the limitations and weaknesses of international law? Al-Jbori answers these questions and reveals the reforms necessary to prevent permanent members of the Security Council from putting their own national interests before their assigned duties in the interpretation and enforcement of international law.



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