Oil at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century: Interplay of Market Forces and Politics

Author/s: Hooshang Amir Ahmadi
1st Edition Year: 1996
Edition: Second impression
Current Edition Year: 2014
Language: English


In this paper, Amirahmadi conducts analyses of different trends prevailing in oil markets and studies various factors affecting both the supply and demand sides of oil economics, including market and regulatory measures. In doing so, he relies on assumptions and projections made by the IEA and other organizations and examines current views on the future of oil politics, OPEC's authority, and the impact of the environmental movement.

The author comes to the conclusion that the future holds uncertainty for oil producers and consumers alike, including governments and oil companies.

In addition, he discusses the implications of this uncertainty for policy development and suggests that in the absence of new approaches emphasizing cooperation and coordination, politics may cause distortion in the working of oil market mechanisms.



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