National Security Education: Developing Strategic Leaders for 21st Century Security Challenges

Author/s: John R. Ballard, Robert A. Sharp, Sterling D. Jensen
1st Edition Year: 2021
Edition: First edition
Language: English


National Security Education (NSE) is fundamental for instilling an innovative mindset and developing the critical thinking skills required of senior civilian and military leaders, as part of whole of government development. With relevant, coherent and rigorous security education systems, governments can strengthen the ability of senior leaders to think and react strategically when faced with threats, helping them to operate effectively as part of government-wide efforts to support national security.

Transformative international events, from regional and global security trends and transnational threats, to destabilizing factors such as terrorism, the so-called Arab Spring, climate change and energy security, all drive changes to National Security Education and the ways in which it is delivered. Additionally, as quality NSE is dependent on excellent education techniques to facilitate adult learning, the latest developments in education must be continuously monitored and validated for their potential inclusion as NSE enhancements. From the highest national levels, there must be clarity of direction for NSE institutions, particularly ensuring linkages between academic theory and practical lessons to ensure real-world relevance.

This book critically examines the role of NSE in an ever more complex world. Following on from an in-depth discussion of some of the main concepts underpinning National Security Education, the book then offers case studies from some of the best NSE institutions regionally and internationally. These help to illuminate best practices in order to present recommendations for the successful development of the next generation of leaders, so that they can confidently address complex challenges now and in the future.



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