Modern Teaching Aids and their Impact on the Process of Learning: A Case Study of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, UAE University

Author/s: Mai Al-Khaja
1st Edition Year: 2006
Edition: First edition
Language: English
Available Languages: العربية


This study examines the issue of using modern technologies in education, the resulting benefits and its impact on the education process such as the teacher and student relationship. The study focuses on the issue in the light of the present widespread use of technology in all aspects of life. The study group was composed of FHSC staff, involving 120 out a total number of 186 employees. The study revealed that a large percentage of FHSC staff made use of modern technology in educational activities, irrespective of their nationalities, academic ranks, fields of specialization, past experience and kind of training they received for the use of such technologies. The study revealed that the beneficial aspects of the process were greater than the adverse effects for the educational process.

The study revealed the diversification and modernization in the methods of education and that the knowledge and use of such methods predominantly depends on personal effort. Moreover, the study revealed that all staff members believed in the importance on the use of modern technology, but also thought that it cannot be a substitute for the human factor, because human interaction is indispensable. The study revealed that 25% of the FHSC staff were UAE nationals and that the percentage of nationals using education technologies in the educational process was 100%.



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