Futures Studies

Author/s: several co-authors
1st Edition Year: 2020
Edition: First edition
Language: English


Futures studies are particularly important in our contemporary world, indispensable for countries and institutions alike. Unprecedented rapid developments in all fields require continuous efforts, from countries and individuals, to explore the future and draw up plans to keep pace with the latest developments. Moreover, countries that aspire to strengthen their economic position, and see citizens reach their full potential by providing the highest standards of welfare, should base strategies for the future on rational, objective studies.

In this context, The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research’s (ECSSR) 23rd Annual Conference, ‘Futures Studies’, merits special attention, as it tackled a critical subject that is of great interest for strategic planners and decision-makers, particularly in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This is especially significant as the UAE pursues future plans in accordance with its ambitious aspirations to become the best country in the world by its centennial in 2071.

This book documents the key proceedings and discussions of the ECSSR’s 23rd Annual Conference. Through its seven chapters, researchers examine the most important areas pertaining to futures studies. The first chapter looks at the evolution of warfare over the last two centuries and discusses the ways these changes have impacted paradigms of political stability. The second chapter discusses international relations in the post-globalization era. The third chapter examines the Sapiens 5.0 (S5.0) manifesto, which includes advancing interdisciplinary and future-focused solutions. The fourth chapter reviews the revolutionary aspects of genomic medicine, while the fifth chapter discusses bacterial resistance to antibiotics, which has developed into a global crisis affecting the world’s health and economic well-being. The sixth chapter examines ageing communities and the need to redesign healthcare systems. Finally, the seventh chapter highlights social networking technology and the media of the future.



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