From Expo 2019 Beijing to Expo 2020 Dubai: Experiences from the 2019 International Horticultural Exhibition Beijing

Author/s: Mr. Zhou Jianping
1st Edition Year: 2021
Edition: First edition
Language: English


When Expo 2019 Beijing came to a close on October 9, 2019, it was hailed one of the most successful expos in history. Adopting ‘Live Green, Live Better’ as its theme, the International Horticultural Exhibition Beijing revolved around a philosophy of horticulture as central to helping humanity rediscover the principles of ecological civilization. With environmentalism at its heart, the event aimed to highlight the need for unity among the global community in tackling climate-related issues, and the wider challenges facing humanity.

Beijing’s expo welcomed more than nine million visitors over the course of six months. In that time, rich dialogue took place between millions of attendees, more than 110 participating countries and international organizations, and around 2,000 VIP visiting groups. The exhibition’s influence was felt far beyond Beijing, with two billion online visitors.

Setting the standard for future expos, Beijing Expo offers valuable lessons as Dubai puts the final touches to Expo 2020. This paper offers a detailed analysis of the many months of preparation and planning that went into Expo 2019 Beijing, exploring its guiding principles and the key factors in its success, such as a scientific approach to its design and robust organizational practices. The paper also considers the overall impact of Beijing expo, as both a model for others to follow and an inspirational example of a major event that was able to galvanize the international community behind an important cause.



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