Fatima bint Mubarak: Thought and Action

Author/s: Maitha Al-Shamsi
1st Edition Year: 2021
Edition: First Edition
Language: English


Drawing on a methodological framework and an insightful first-hand account, the book discusses the character of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, who has played a significant role in the UAE’s unique achievements. With wisdom, noble principles, unique leadership qualities, and a strong will and determination, Her Highness firmly believes that aspirations go hand-in-hand with challenges. These challenges should be faced with consistent effort, which is key to realizing accomplishments that might at first seem far-fetched. The book traces pivotal moments in Her Highness’ life and work. Sheikh Zayed (may God rest his soul in peace) was a role model for Her Highness’ thought and personal development, due to his experience, qualities and exceptional ability to shape current and future outcomes.
The chapters of this book highlight Her Highness’ ceaseless efforts to establish the foundations of a new era for Emirati women, in all areas. The book affirms Sheikha Fatima’s inspiring character and outstanding administrative abilities in planning, implementing and achieving goals, which have enabled her to pioneer major transformations as part of the UAE’s development process.
Humanitarianism is second nature to Sheikha Fatima. She is renowned for her good deeds and a commitment to giving that knows no bounds. The honors Her Highness has received, locally, regionally and internationally, reflect her high profile; she is admired, respected and honored by leading forums and organizations, spanning many areas of activity, in a testament to her outstanding efforts.



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