Enhancing Peace and Cooperation in West Asia: An Indian Perspective

Author/s: Jasjit Singh
1st Edition Year: 1998
Edition: First edition
Language: English


India has a long and deep relationship with the region often referred to as West Asia - the area covered from the Suez Canal eastward to Pakistan. Over the past fifty years, in spite of some negative developments, these bonds have been reinforced by geopolitical and geoeconomic factors.

This study reviews the challenges and opportunities in the post-Cold War era and explores the potential for cooperation in promoting peace and stability in the region and beyond. Some of the challenges include a revolution of rising expectations, energy security, regional conflicts, narcotics trafficking and the proliferation of light weapons.

Moreover, Singh argues that economic imperatives hold opportunities for cooperation as well as prospects for competition which could produce friction and conflict. Consequently, peace is a precondition for development as both old and new conflicts have to be managed. Indeed, there is a need to work for an assured environment of peace and stability in which human development and prosperity can be nurtured and progressed.



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