Britain and the Administration of the Trucial States (1947-1965)

Author/s: Muna M. AlHammadi
1st Edition Year: 2013
Edition: Second impression
Current Edition Year: 2017
Language: English
Available Languages: العربية


For over 150 years, from 1820 up to the foundation of the United Arab Emirates in 1971, Britain and the emirates of the eastern Arabian Peninsula were linked by a relationship that was unique when compared to colonial models exercised elsewhere.

From the signing of the General Treaty with the Arab Tribes of the Gulf in 1820, through to the oil and aviation concession agreements penned during the mid- to late-20th century, formal treaties and agreements with the rulers of the various emirates formed the basis of Britain’s long influence in the region, and are discussed in detail in this study. It also explores the evolution of the area’s first security force in the early 1950s—the Trucial Oman Levies (TOL), which played a key role in the security and development of the emirates.

The study discusses in some detail the evolution of the Trucial States Council, from its formation in 1952, up to 1965 when the rulers of the emirates assumed the revolving chairmanship of the Council for the first time. Through its various committees, the Council played a critical role in overseeing the socio-economic development of the emirates, allocating and directing the developmental, medical and educational aid provided by Britain.

Through these focus areas, this book provides a unique analysis of the role played by Britain in the internal administration of the Trucial States up to 1965, offering both scholars and casual readers valuable insight into the early administrative developments which would ultimately form the foundations of the United Arab Emirates as a modern-day federation.



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