Customer Information Exchange, Ethical Frameworks and Gender in the Arab Business World

Author/s: Ali El-Shamali, Kenneth Wild
1st Edition Year: 2002
Edition: First edition
Language: English


Individuals use different ethical frameworks to evaluate customer information exchanges by companies in the Arab business world. This study examines gender-based differences in the use of ethical frameworks.

The study found that the outcomes of a customer information exchange influenced women's ethical evaluations of the exchange, their inferences about the particular company and its customer relations, and their decisions to do business with the company in future. Men were less likely to be influenced by the outcomes of the customer information exchange.

Women in general were more likely to have a care-based ethical framework, which takes into account the consequences of actions, and men were more likely to have a justice-based ethical framework, which is based upon particular principles. Arab female managers and non-managerial staff agreed that outcomes were relevant to decision-making regarding continued business with a company. However, Arab female managers, like their male peers, agreed that the outcome of a customer information exchange was irrelevant to two issues, namely the likelihood that a company would provide good service and the right of a company to sell customer information to marketing companies.



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