Asian Energy Markets: Dynamics and Trends

Author/s: several co-authors
1st Edition Year: 2004
Edition: First edition
Language: English
Available Languages: العربية


Energy has become a crucial determinant shaping the security environment of Asia. The continent's phenomenal growth is projected to raise oil and gas consumption to dramatic new levels. As major Asian nations become net energy importers, this thirst for oil will determine world energy export patterns and shape regional geopolitics. With the Arabian Gulf supplying the major proportion of Asian energy needs, Gulf-Asia links will emerge as a key factor in the global energy scenario. Energy security concerns will dominate Asian economic policy and strategic decision making and spur Asian investment in oil exploration, oil refining and development of alternative energy sources.

What are the economic and strategic implications of Asia's growing dependence on Gulf oil? How far can Asian countries counter such dependence by improving energy efficiency and developing new sources? What are the energy transitions that Asian nations are undergoing? What kind of structural reforms are needed in the Asian energy markets? What are the implications of Asian energy consumption trends and current economic reforms for the Arabian Gulf producers? What will the impact of Asian markets be on the global energy scenario? These and related issues were examined by energy experts at the Seventh Annual Energy Conference held in Abu Dhabi from January 13-14, 2002. This volume of conference presentations discusses wide-ranging issues relating to the Asian energy sector including supply security, consumption trends, privatization moves, energy diversification, energy self-sufficiency and foreign investment.



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