The Publications Department, at the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR), is responsible for publishing distinguished scholarly works in both Arabic and English, and distributing them to a large audience of discerning readers, specialists and libraries in the UAE and beyond. The Department also participates in national, regional and international book fairs.

In addition to original books in English and Arabic, the Department publishes the Emirates Lecture Series in both languages, covering lectures held at the ECSSR. The aim of the series is to spread knowledge, stimulate constructive debate and enrich research, while expanding readers’ horizons. The Department also publishes the Strategic Studies series and the Emirates Occasional Papers series, touching on political, economic, social and strategic issues in the UAE, Arabian Gulf region and worldwide. Meanwhile, the International Studies series introduces the Arab reader to the latest ideas and developments on a global level. The Department publishes books based on the conferences and symposia held at the Center, as well as a variety of publications and periodicals, such as the scholarly and refereed Strategic Visions, the political, economic and strategic magazine Afaq Al-Mustaqbal , and the specialized magazine Ashab Al-Hemam.

The Publications Department seeks to maintain its credibility among readers and decision-makers through valuable publications that have gained a prominent position in research circles and academia. In addition to meeting high scientific standards in its publications, one of the Department’s top priorities is serving UAE society by furthering creativity and innovation. The Department also seeks to enrich the Arab  world’s intellectual output with publications that demonstrate the ECSSR’s ambitions.

Dr. Mubarak Saeed Al Shamsi


Development and Reform of Technical and Vocational Education in the UAE explores the role and vision of the UAE leadership in the development of technical and vocational education, and the relation between these ‘Vision’...