Chief Preacher at the General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Endowments, United Arab Emirates

Ms. Maria Mohamed Ali Al Hatali has been Chief Preacher at the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments since 2013. She holds a masters’ degree and is currently preparing her Ph.D. dissertation.

During her career, Ms. Al Hatali has worked as an editor and contributor for radio programs on Islamic preaching and jurisprudence. She is a member of the Sermon Programs Editorial Committee. She was the Director of the Department of Research and Religious Publications Monitoring and has participated in preparing Quran memorization curricula, in addition to delivering many speeches at religious forums. She chaired a committee on authoring a book on the Maliki School of Theology, focusing on compiling the most prominent fatwas of many Maliki muftis. She has contributed to various academic research papers and written articles for local magazines and newspapers.

Additionally, Ms. Al Hatali has taken part in preparing, developing and assessing several initiatives, including the Zayed Commandment initiative, which aimed to improve the happiness of people of determination, orphans and the elderly.

Throughout her professional career, Ms. Al Hatali has received many certificates of appreciation and gratitude from local and government authorities, as well as from educational institutions for her valuable participation in events, training courses and conferences.