Associate Professor of International Relations, United Arab Emirates University

Prof. Mohamed bin Huwaidin is an Associate Professor of International Relations in the Political Science program, Department of Government and Society at United Arab Emirates University. He has held various advisory positions at the university, including serving as Chair of the Department of Political Science and the Department of Government and Society for eight consecutive years. Prof. Bin Huwaidin’s research interests focus on international relations, particularly the relationship between China and Arabian Gulf states, and the international affairs of the Arabian Gulf region. He has published several books with Routledge of London, in addition to book chapters and other research in specialized journals, such as the Journal of Arabian Studies, Majalat Derasat Alkhaleej wal Jazeera Al Arabiya (Journal of Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies), among others. Prof. Bin Huwaidin holds an MA in International Relations from Arizona University, U.S., and a PhD from Durham University, England