Media Adviser and Lecturer, United Arab Emirates

Dr. Mohammed Al-Qudsi began his professional career in Abu Dhabi in May 1969 as a News Interpreter and Presenter on the evening news for the Abu Dhabi British TV Company. He first met the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (may God rest his soul in peace) on October 21, 1969, as he covered the fourth meeting of the Union of the Nine Emirates in Madheef, Abu Dhabi.  Dr. Al-Qudsi continued to report on the activities of Sheikh Zayed (may God rest his soul in peace), as well as the daily news. In 1970, Dr. Al-Qudsi became the Coordinating Supervisor for Television Programs and Broadcasters. He continued to read the daily bulletin and was responsible for covering Sheikh Zayed’s activities both inside and outside the country.

On December 2, 1971, Dr. Al-Qudsi broadcast the unification of the emirates from Jumeirah, the unification of the armed forces on May 6, 1976, from Boumerika, and the establishment of the Gulf Cooperation Council at its first summit in Abu Dhabi on May 25, 1981. He also broadcast Sheikh Zayed’s speeches and meetings during the October 1973 war, and reported on the liberation of Kuwait and many other major events. Dr. Al-Qudsi covered reconciliation meetings between countries and presidents, Arab and Islamic summits, as well as summits of non-aligned states.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Qudsi became Director of Programs, while continuing to read the news bulletin and prepare special films. The late Sheikh Zayed (may God rest his soul in peace) would ask for films on the afforestation of the desert, the settlement of the Bedouin and new projects. He wrote and recorded commentary for around 380 documentaries, the most recent of which was a film on Dalma Island, requested by Sheikh Zayed a week before his death. The late Sheikh Zayed (may God rest his soul in peace) also assigned Dr. Al-Qudsi to write the script for the first film about the United Arab Emirates in 1973. Dr. Al-Qudsi accompanied the German film crew and followed them to Hamburg at the end of filming to record the commentary he had written for the film, titled Sunrise, as requested by Sheikh Zayed.

Dr. Al-Qudsi also filmed many interviews and programs with senior officials and presidents on state visits. After the death of Sheikh Zayed, he published a book titled Zayed: The Third of the Two ‘Omars’. He was also recently officially commissioned to contribute to three books on Sheikh Zayed’s moral approach

Dr. Mohammed Al-Qudsi holds a bachelor’s of arts from Damascus University, a diploma in education and a master’s of comparative literature from Cairo University, and a Ph.D. in political media, with a particular focus on media during international crises, which he gained while studying in the U.S.