The opening of the UAE Federation Library coincided with the establishment of the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR), on March 14, 1994. Named in honor of the UAE Federation, it is one of the largest specialized libraries in the region, combining a variety of sources across multiple domains, including political, military, social and economic science. The library collects materials on the UAE and the Arabian Gulf region in particular, in addition to its wider focus on the Arab region and international topics. With 1,700,000 printed and electronic resources, the library is home to a wide selection of academic references, encyclopedias, periodicals, special purpose documents, official reports, maps and extensive electronic databases. This wealth of resources spans the ECSSR’s areas of interest, both in Arabic and English.

In line with its ongoing commitment to serve the academic and research community in the UAE and beyond, the ECSSR welcomes visitors to the UAE Federation Library where they can access the vast collection.


The UAE Federation Library was established to accomplish the goals and objectives of the ECSSR, including supporting decision makers and serving the local community. To attain these goals, the library:

  • Gathers together the very latest information in all disciplines, and in a variety of media, including books, references, periodicals, digital databases, thesis papers, and other formats relevant to researchers.
  • Prepares and manages catalogues to facilitate access to collections.
  • Offers access to articles and research papers, including references, periodicals and books.
  • Provides search services through automatic indexing and the library’s digital database.

Library Rules of Use

In seeking to provide the best library services, we hope our valuable visitors will abide by the followings regulations:

  • The library is dedicated to academic research and study, and provides access to scientific and educational materials
  • We request that visitors remain quiet and respectful of the library environment, which is dedicated to studying and reading
  • Visitors should take care of the library’s collections of books, reference materials and other sources
  • We also ask that visitors take good care of the library’s furniture and devices
  • Please keep in mind that only 20 percent of the total reference material can be scanned


The UAE Federation Library reflects state-of-the-art design and utilizes the latest technology. Completed to the highest global standards, the library building combines functional and aesthetic dimensions, where elegant architecture provides an inspirational place for reading and study. Harnessing the latest technology, the library strives to offer visitors a first-class experience and is equipped with self-issue systems, digital scanners, computers, tablets and high-speed WI-FI.


The library consists of three floors:

First Floor :

Visitors will find a wide collection of books, catalogued as per the Library of Congress system, as well as a graduate theses collection and a multimedia hall.

Ground Floor:

This area includes a reference desk, a collection of references, Jane’s military collection and an additional collection of books catalogued according to the Library of Congress system.

VIP Section:
This is a vital part of the UAE Federation Library. It comprises rare and historic book collections, such as the UAE Collection, Special Collections, British Documents Collection, ECSSR’s Publications Collection, and Maps and Atlas Collection.

Basement Floor :

This area features collections of classified books as well as a newspaper archive, and Arabic and English magazines.