Iraqi Politicians Have no Option but to Engage in a National Dialogue: Akhbar Al Sa'ah

  • 20 May 2013

A UAE daily publication has called on Iraq's political leaders to set aside their differences, come together and engage in a national dialogue to resolve political and security crises in order to set the Iraqi house in order and place the country on the course of development.

"The UAE and other Arab governments as well as the world have legitimate concern over the bloody, violent events in Iraq which claimed the lives of 300 people, mostly women, children and worshippers, since the beginning of the current month," said Akhbar Al Sa'a (News of the Hour), the daily bulletin of the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR).

"The most worrying factor is the resurface of the war of houses of worshipping, a painful phenomenon that brought to mind the tragic events that plagued Iraq during 2006-2007 sectarian strife which left tens of thousands of innocent victims, injured and displaced persons,'' the daily publication noted. UN Secretary-General's Special Representative in Iraq, Martin Kobler, has repeatedly called on Iraqi authorities to take decisive measures to stop the escalating violence.

"Small children are burned alive in cars. Worshippers are cut down outside their own mosques. This is beyond unacceptable. It is the politicians' responsibility to act immediately and to engage in dialogue to resolve the political impasse and put an end to this. Peace must come to this country now. The people of Iraq have suffered enough," Mr. Kobler said. "We will continue to remind the leaders of Iraq that the country will slide backwards into a dangerous unknown if they do not take action," he warned on Saturday.

"If the UN held the Iraqi politicians responsible for finding an exit to the raging political and security impasse and end the bloodshed, it is the national, humanitarian and historic duty that requires Iraqi politicians to sit together in good faith for a transparent dialogue to save the country from sliding into an unknown evil future, where Iraqi people will be the sole loser," it remarked.

"Iraqi politicians have no option but to resort to wisdom and logic, sit together and agree on common factors and do what in their power to iron out differences as a prelude towards an inclusive national reconciliation without foreign interference," Akhbar Al Sa'a concluded.