Heart Disease Early Detection and Treatment Campaign for ECSSR Employees

Heart Disease Early Detection and Treatment Campaign for ECSSR Employees

  • 17 November 2015

In partnership with the Zayed Giving Initiative – which has launched a nationwide program for early detection and treatment of heart diseases – the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR) on Tuesday 17 November 2015 launched the campaign for its employees. The drive was launched in coordination with Dr. Adel Al-Shammari, Head of National Program for Early Detection and Treatment of Heart Patients and CEO of Zayed Giving Initiative.

This campaign demonstrates the keenness of ECSSR administration, represented by its Director General His Excellency Dr. Jamal Sanad Al-Suwaidi, to provide care for the Center’s employees and disseminating sound health education among the UAE population. The ECSSR responds positively to the UAE’s tireless efforts to mitigate incidents of heart diseases and to ensure a healthy society.

Early detection of diseases, particularly those related to heart, is critical for preventing and treating them, especially among the youth and adults. Studies indicate that the spread of cardiovascular diseases among this group are the result of unhealthy lifestyle, including rising prevalence of smoking and unhealthy lifestyle and food habits.

This is why campaigns like these are extremely important. They target patients with heart disease, diabetes, excess fat, obesity, high blood pressure, and those experiencing chest pain, difficulty in breathing, or irregular heartbeat. These diseases are either genetic or are caused as a result of diabetes and obesity.